Introduction to Trust-forum

Project of free open source software for web servers
for an open decentralized social network
bringing a revolution in the usefulness of the Web

(on top of existing protocols)

1. Decentralization

Network of peer independent Web servers

(potentially the whole Web)

(more convenient than usual desperate projects of extreme decentralization between millions of user terminals)
A list of peer servers
with their public keys
Each server has a list of accounts
of users who registered there
Thousands of peer servers
× Thousands of accounts in each server × several pseudos per account
= a network of millions of users Each pseudo can be used for
authentication to any other site

Pseudos (public identities) look like email addresses, indicating the host of user account

Each host runs
  • Standard functions (possibly modified),
    sufficient for the network to run
  • Optionally, its own freely developed
    additional functions
Each user of the network has :

1 main account (login-pass) at 1 server
= his home site "@home"
(where he registered)

  • User board, gathering signals for all pseudos
    (panel of personalized information)

  • Identifying links to external sites
    (each under a chosen pseudo)
(Or, if needed in case of breakdown, duplicated account between independent hosts
- possibility to move account between hosts and have pseudos at different hosts)


The same system combines the advantages of

2. Forums replacing email

Online conversations
Interactions of any kind
Each host is free to offer its own format
Possible certification

3. Trust system

Trust declarations
between users

Computation of indirect trust
across independent servers
while keeping privacy

(with minimum necessary shared data)

allow for corrections of trust data
through online debates

...and more

Online dating resolved
An efficient decentralized solution

Job market
(same problem structure, same solution)

Decentralized political order
based on a trust network
An anonymous and verified online voting system

The best online currency
with stable and profitable value
based on credit between users

Current status

Started with Vue.js + Node.js. Details reserved for developers willing to contribute : freelancers welcome !

Some old pages of description (partially obsolete) :
General technical assumptions
(some introductive information on the context of which way will it all be packed) More detailed description

Contact info

Sylvain Poirier (author of

trustforum at

This intro page: